What’s a Market Share?

Over the past several years we have offered a limited number of CSA shares for pick-up at our market stall in  Carp.  We have expanded on the mutually beneficial relationship that is CSA by offering a Market Share to folks who love our vegetables and would like to make an important financial commitment to our small family owned organic farm.  The Market Share is an easy way to buy our certified organic vegetables – by signing up you purchase credit that can be used towards  produce at the Carp Farmer’s Market.  You pick up the quantity you want, when you want – this is a flexible system!

By purchasing your Market Share, you help provide us with the money we need to cover operating costs at the beginning of the season. In exchange for your fidelity, you receive credit at our booth that exceeds the dollar value that you invest (see below for details).

How does it work?  

  • The size of the Market Share you purchase determines the amount of credit you get at our booth (see below for details)
  • You can use your credit at our Carp Farmer’s Market booth
  • You can pick up whatever you want, whenever you want – this is a very flexible system!
  • You have all season to use up your market share $$ (we are typically at Carp for approx. 20 weeks + the 2 Christmas markets)
  • Market Share credit is only redeemable during the year in which it is purchased, credit can not be carried forward towards the following year, any leftover credit will be lost

Market Share Sizes

  • Small: $500: you get an extra 10%: $550 of produce
  • Medium: $1000: you get an extra 15%: $1150 of produce
  • Large: $1500: you get an extra 20% $1800

Are there limits to how much I can take each week?

Please limit yourself to $100  worth of produce each week so that we’re not left short for other market shareholders. Otherwise you can take as much of whatever you like in any given week.

Do I have to come every week?

Nope. Come one week and load up and stay home the next if you want. Going on vacation for three weeks? No problem, come when you come back.  Having a dinner party? Load up! Seriously, come whenever you want and take whatever you need.

When do you start and end at the Carp Farmer’s Market?

Typically we’re at market for a minimum of 20 weeks each, starting late May or early June until the end of October. The only exception is the third weekend in September when Carp is closed to accommodate the Carp fair. We’re also at the 2 Carp Christmas Markets in late Nov. or early Dec.

Can credit be used at the Christmas markets?


How do you keep track of what I take?

We have a simple form to fill in the value of what you take each time you come. You are required to initial and date this form each time you pick up produce.

What will you have at market?

Please remember that the earlier you come on any given day the more variety of veggies we’re likely to have. The variety increases with the season. As the day progresses the variety is often reduced.

Generally we grow the following:

Early Season: salad mix, spinach, arugula, peas, radishes, sweet turnips, green onions, kale, chard, fresh herbs; cilantro, parsley, basil etc.

Mid Season: the above plus tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, string beans, garlic, onions, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, beets, potatoes

Late Season: the above plus apples, elderberries, watermelons, leeks, winter squash, cabbage, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes

How do I sign up?

Right HERE on our website or in-person at market.