I loved the slightly nutty and sweet flavour the Jerusalem artichokes gave to the dish. We enjoyed this with a simple green salad, but it would also make an excellent side dish to something meaty.

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  • Prep Time : 15 min
  • Cook Time : 40-60 min
  • Ready Time : 55 min




  • 1.5
  • 1.5
  • 1-2 C Grated cheddar cheese
  • 500
  • butter, salt & pepper


Peel the potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes, cut into very thin slices (kitchen mandoline is very helpful here).
Layer potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and half of the grated cheese into a buttered oven dish, season layers with salt and pepper.
Scatter the rest of the cheese on top, pour the cream over.
Bake in a pre-heated 200 C oven for about 40-60 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked (the length of baking depends on the thickness of the vegetable slices).


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